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4K or Ultra HD TV: An Eyeful Experience!

After the standard-definition television of the 1950s and the high-definition television of the 2000s, here is the 4K or Ultra HD television of 21st century. The "small screen" has never looked so big. With such a screen, all the reasons are good to stay home!

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Pixels enhacement on 4K or HD tvs

4 times more pixels on the screen

A 4K or Ultra HD television has a screen that displays 3840 pixels horizontally and 2160 pixels vertically, for a total of 8.29 million pixels. A 4K or Ultra HD screen has four times more pixels than a full-HD TV, whose screen displays 1920 pixels horizontally and 1080 pixels vertically (2.07 million pixels).

TV Samsung JU6500



A higher image resolution

The smaller a pixel is on a screen, the better is the resolution of the image. For a given screen surface, a 4K or Ultra HD TV screen provides a pixel density that is four times greater than that of a full-HD TV. The result is an image that is more clear AND more precise from a shorter distance.

The largest screens

Larger pixel density of 4K or Ultra HD can offer TVs with the screen is larger and higher image quality. 65-inch diagonal? 75-inch? 78-inch? On such screens, special effects are breathtaking. Finally, your home theater room will be aptly named.

Sony 4K Ultra HD TV 830C at Audiophile Experts

Sharper et more fluid motion

Technology and IT never stop evolving. Thus, microprocessors and chips are faster and more advanced than in 2010 and even more than in 2005. On a 4K or Ultra HD TV screen, the sharpness of motion is surprising: sporting events are more exciting and concerts more exciting!

An impressive image enhancement

On a 4K or Ultra HD television, a powerful processor and complex algorithms enhance the display of a lower-resolution image in real-time. The stability and rendering of such an enhanced image will trick your eyes.

Why choose Audiophile Experts?

Our choice among the largest on the South Shore of Montreal
All of our 4K or Ultra HD televisions are on display in our store. You have to see it to believe it.

Our range of major brands
Samsung is the most popular and respected manufacturer of 4K or Ultra HD televisions. The quality of its products, its experience and innovation efforts are unmatched in the industry.

Our calibrated listening room
In our environment that replicates an entertainment room, you will not live a shopping experience for a 4K or Ultra HD television: you will feel emotions that will keep you glued to our seat (then on your own at home).

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Our advice and our after-sales service
Our experts can help you choose the 4K or Ultra HD television that suits your needs and preferences. They will explain the procedure to calibrate the image and set the backlight of your television. If you need help or have a question once your TV is installed, they can assist out by phone, by email or in store.

Our installation service
For a supplement, we can install your new television on the wall or on a piece of furniture and configure it into your home theater system. We can also set up your sound bar and your remote control.

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