Samsung 55" curved Smart QLED 4K Ultra HD TV with HDR - QN55Q8C

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Promotion valid from 7th July to 10th August 2017

The new Samsung QLED TV redefines TV picture quality, style, and smart technology. With it's new metal alloy Quantum Dot material, the Samsung QLED TV showcases 100% colour volume * and a peak brightness of HDR 1500 nits. Upgrade the content on your TV and everything surrounding it with the new Samsung QLED TV.

Special: CA$3,799.99

Reg.: CA$4,799.99


Q 4K Colour Drive Elite

Samsung QLED TV's exceptional light and color set a new standard for TVs. The new metal alloy Quantum Dots are key to the fantastic range of color experienced through QLED, the first TV with the ability to express 100% color volume (DCI-P3)

Q Contrast

Q8C delivers phenomenal viewing with excellent depth and contrast. No matter the time of day, get mesmerized by the intensity of every scene in any environment.

Q 4K HDR Elite

Brilliant whites and deep blacks with a peak brightness of 1500 nits* so you can view every detail in your favorite program as it is meant to be experienced.

Q EveryView

Wall-to-wall picture-perfect viewing ensures that every seat is a great seat to experience exceptional color.

Q Engine

A more powerful engine to drive picture-perfect viewing. Q engine is now faster than the 2016 SUHD Remastering Engine, it now analyzes content to give you the most optimal picture quality.

Fits Perfectly

The beauty of simplicity and modern sophistication. Whether placed on a stand or flush to the wall, the Q8C’s smooth and perfectly finished back, with no visible wires, is simply gorgeous to behold.

Invisible Connection

Eliminate cable clutter from your TV and enjoy faster speeds with a nearly undetectable fiber optic cable and One Connect Box. Only 1.8 mm in diameter, the transparent optical cable enables all of your TV's connected devices to come together seamlessly.

No Gap Wall-Mount

The new virtually No Gap Wall-Mount positions your TV flush against the wall for a clean sleek appearance.

Clean Back

Place your TV anywhere. The clean back design neatly organizes cables inside the elegant stand.

Boundless 360° Design

With the four-sided bezel-less TV display, the Samsung QLED TV delivers an immersive experience and looks beautiful from every angle.

4 Sides Bezel-less Design

With the four-sided bezel-less TV display, Samsung QLED TV delivers an immersive experience and looks beautiful from every angle.

Metal Design

The Q8C's clean and smooth metal back finish blends beautifully anywhere in your home.

Smart TV

Control devices with the OneRemote Control, or access your Smart Menu and content using a smartphone.

OneRemote Control

Say goodbye to your pile of remote controls. The Samsung OneRemote Control can control all connected TV devices from a single source with one device.

Smart Hub

The smart hub provides a single access point to Live TV, apps, games and more. Users can access their favorite content as soon as they turn on the TV.

Auto Detection

Find and recognize all your connected devices. QLED TV automatically displays device names and makes all your input selections a breeze.

Smart View

Use your smartphone to navigate the TV's Smart Menu and control entertainment and games.


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