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PS Audio PerfectWave PowerBase

The PowerBase is both a vibration cancelling and power cleaning isolation base for equipment. Set any audio or video product on top of the PowerBase and enjoy cleaner more dynamic sound or video as a result. Vibration cancelling and power cleaning in one convenient package. Holds up to 85 pounds, accepts up to two units.
Reg.: CA$1,299.00

The PerfectWave PowerBase combines a dual diffused isolation base with a one-way-gate power conditioner into an elegant, component level product base. Use the PowerBase for source, control or power equipment and enjoy a remarkable improvement in the space between instruments, vocals and soundstage.

Lowers the smearing and grunge associated with microphonics of equipment, especially tube, turntables, CD players and source gear. Helps any product reach its full potential with cleaner power and lower induced noise from your loudspeakers.


Dual isolation system

Floating 20 pound solid steel equipment platform

Dual sets of tuned Sorbothane supports

Perfect for CD players and transports


Source equipment

Power amplifiers

Power Plants

40 dB rejection of common and differential mode noise

Handles up to 100 pounds

Isolate and power up to 2 pieces of equipment

Remarkable improvement in sound quality




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