Naim UnitiLite 2B All-in-one Player (Refurbished)

Spotify connect and Bluetooth APTX integrated.

Don’t be fooled by the size of the UnitiLite B. Behind its slimline fascia it incorporates several technologies and techniques used in high-end Naim electronics that allow it to deliver music with real energy and clarity. Its DAC chip is a close relative of the device employed in the high-end NDX streamer and its power amplifier design is informed by the classic techniques fundamental to the Naim sound. With 50W of power per channel, UnitiLite B is more than capable of filling most rooms with the signature toe-tapping, spine-tingling sound on which we’ve built our reputation.

This product comes with an integrated FM respecting NAIM's savoir-faire. 

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Original manufacturer's warranty.

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Special: CA$2,895.00

Reg.: CA$4,495.00


UnitiLite B is not simply about features and versatility. It applies Naim high-end engineering principles to achieve performance levels that bring the as live musical experience into the home.

UnitiLite B borrows numerous technologies and techniques from high-end Naim electronics. For instance, the UnitiLite B DAC chip is a close relative of the device employed in the high-end NDX streamer, similarly, its power amplifier design is informed by techniques fundamental to the Naim sound, and its internal power supply features separate transformer windings and regulation for digital, analogue and amplifier sections. It’s CD player section benefits from the experience of the engineers who have been designing the best sounding CD players in the world for over 15 years. So, regardless of musical preference, the UnitiLite B is sure to fill a room with impeccable sound. It’s a genuine Naim product to the core.


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