Focal Spirit Classic

Spirit Classic is born from the combination of Focal’s latest developments in headphones micro-acoustics as well as our legendary know-how in the design of high-performance transducers. They are made of mylar and titanium in highly reduced thicknesses in order to reproduce the most tiny details with the greatest dynamic.

Reg.: CA$499.00

The cone is true to the "Spirit of Sound" philosophy: mass, stiffness and damping are all controlled for dynamic, lifelike sound. The Spirit Classic's baffle design has improved high frequency linearity and smoothness and has increased the treble response slightly above 2kHz compared to Spirit One.

Key Features of the Spirit Classic

  • • Circum-aural closed headphones 
  • • High-dynamic, faithful music reproduction 
  • • Light cone (86 mg as against a market average of 110 mg), giving faster acceleration for more dynamic signal response 
  • • Stiff, no-deformation cone dome for signal reproduction with no added distortion 
  • • Optimal comfort and sound insulation 
  • • Cable with call management controls for use with portable devices

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