Focal 5.1 Pack Sib - 4 x Sib + Cub3 + 1 x Sib XL

The Sib&Cub3 Home Cinema pack unites all Focal’s acoustic expertise. It is our entry-level product in our line of high-quality Home Cinema systems. This long-lasting product has become a benchmark in its market.

The compact Sib satellite speakers are easily integrated into your interior placed on your furniture, mounted to a wall. Conceived with 5.1 Home Theater systems in mind, the Cub3 subwoofer complements the Sib perfectly, plugging you right into the heart of the entertainment.

Focal Sib XL was created to harmonize with flat panel Plasma and LCDs. Sib XL is delivered with the Polyfix® wall mount, which allows vertical and horizontal installation. The stands Bop (short) and Hop (tall) are available as an option to make of Focal Sib XL a totally universal solution. Also available in T version (100V).

Pack content:

  • 4 x Sib

  • 1 x Cub 3

  • 1 x Sib XL

Special: CA$999.00

Reg.: CA$1,328.00


Key points

-Thanks to the tried and tested technologies, the Focal sound is a great first step into the world of high-fidelity

-Very high power, compatible with a big listening area

-5 Sib for a balanced Home Theater system

-Integrated speaker : in wall, in ceiling, on furniture

-ABS structure, for low vibrations and resonances.

-5" Polyfl ex bass cone. 4 layers voice-coil for dynamic bass. Magnetically shielded

-OAL 3/4" aluminum dome tweeter. Extanded response to 35 kHz. Low directivity.

-Polyfi x system for on wall or stand mounting. Vertical or horizontal use.

-Aerodynamic ports for reduced distorsion and dynamic compression.

-Rotable logo.


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