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Devialet: The most critically acclaimed audio system

Audiophile Experts, a proud premium dealer of this outstanding brand and the first one ever to sell it online, invites you to make the move to Devialet, the most successful high-end audio system in the world, the most critically acclaimed, the most purchased, and thanks to its unique ADH® technology, the best measured performance.

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An epic story of inner and outer perfection

With Analogue Digital Hybrid Amplficiation (ADH) Devialet reinvents Hi-Fi, associating an analog amplifier providing excellent musicality with several enslaved digital amplifiers, renowned for their power and compact size. Breakthrough Speaker Active Matching (SAM) technology allows Devialet to create the first amplifier which adapts the signal to the speakers. Your speakers can now reveal the full extent of their potential.

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All Devialet products can be fully configured and upgraded. The software updates are free and your are able to optimize your listnening experience with the powerful configurator. Audiophile Experts is part of the Devialet premium dealer network. One of our advisors will contact you once you buy a Devialet product to configure it before it gets shipped to your home. With our help you will be able to customize each of your inputs according to the sound source to achieve the best possible results.

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