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Cambridge Audio Bluetooth speaker G5 (titanium) DEMO

Cambridge's best portable Bluetooth speaker

The G5 is the best bluetooth speaker yet. Exceptional sound quality, more features than anyone else at this price and a stunning slim line design, which looks great anywhere. With G5 you can take your music anywhere without having to compromise on sound quality.


  • Incredible audio performance

  • A real 14 hour battery life with mobile device charging built in

  • Aptx Bluetooth with NFC

  • Speakerphone functionality


Also available in Gold

Special: CA$235.00

Reg.: CA$299.99


Play any source

Instantly and easily listen to popular services such as Spotify, YouTube or BBC iPlayer Radio played back in stunning quality through the G5, via AptX Bluetooth.

Award winning sound

Everything we’ve learned in nearly fifty years of Hifi has gone into the G5. It delivers incredible bass thanks to its dedicated subwoofer and two auxiliary bass radiators (technology straight from from our high end Hifi speakers). Our engineers then spent thousands of hours custom voicing G5 so that unlike the ‘bass-only’ or ‘too tinny’ speakers on the market, G5 delivers the incredible bass you demand with the rich vocals and crystal clear highs that you need, so you can experience all your music in wonderful detail.

Beautiful Design

Tactile and beautiful, we’ve used high-tech titanium alongside luxurious fabric, not just because it looks and feels great, but our ‘sound first’ principals ensure the hardwearing grill has also been optimised for acoustic transparency.

In use, clever tech including backlit soft-touch buttons illuminate when in use, and the fold out ‘soft close’ stand allows for two listening positions, upright vertical, or leant back, so you can use G5 where and how you want to.

G5 pairing (party mode)

Need even more oomph? Pair two G5’s together and each will play in stereo giving you great sound in two different areas of the garden or party. It might be a bit more than you need for a sedate picnic, though. You have been warned.

Mobile device charging

Charge your phone from the G5 too, even when not plugged into the mains. Handy at Festivals, or anywhere outdoors and away from home.

Speakerphone functionality

CVC echo cancellation makes G5 a perfect speaker phone, with the clearest pick up from the microphone. Conference calls are made easy and you can even take and receive calls when you’re cooking or doing something else.

Bluetooth receiver mode

If you’ve already got speakers in the house, but they don’t have Bluetooth, plug in G5. A 3.5mm line output lets G5 receive Bluetooth and send it to another hifi or speaker system. This is a great feature that gives any existing hi-fi set up the ability to receive wireless Bluetooth audio. G5 is smart enough to mute its own drivers when the output is in use.


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