Cambridge Aeromax 2 bookshelf speakers (white)

Expanding the radical design of our speaker Aero 2 winner prize, the Aeromax 2 model was refined to the maximum to provide an even better sound compared to its predecessor. Available in beautiful black and white lacquered finishes, with a contemporary look and offering an even more cohesive and immersive, the Aeromax 2 is an innovative product, elegant and ideal for audiophiles who want the best stereo performance possible.

Also available in gloss black

Special: CA$799.00

Reg.: CA$899.00



-BMR speaker drivers 4th generation

-Internal wiring high quality

-Speaker Terminals gold plated new design, audiophile quality for optimal performance

-Ultra reinforced decompression lock pilot units mechanically to the wall structure, resulting in a less pronounced coloration and in a more simple dynamic

-Construction quality- the Aeromax boxes have been designed to minimize standing waves and to give you pleasure for many years of listening.


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