2017 is the year of QLED for Samsung

Being the leading television manufacturer in the world for eleven consecutive years demonstrates the need for companies to innovate. For Korean giant Samsung, 2017 is no exception. In fact, they proved this during their Consumer Electronics division’s VIP training evening.

This year, QLED is their headliner. This technology can be found in Q7F, Q7C, Q8C and Q9F televisions.

Samsung Q7F

All of these televisions incorporate a new generation of quantum dot technology which provides a yet unrivalled luminous efficacy. The concept is quite simple. All you need to do is place this metallic component in front of a blue light-emitting diode (LED) to change the wavelength of light and therefore get red or green coloured light. In practical terms, the monitor on the new Q television range uses blue LED backlighting as well as a quantum dot filter. This provides for purer blues, greens and reds.

Samsung Q9F

However, the technological advances are even more impressive on the Q9F. Indeed, last year’s processor gives way to the new “Q Engine” processor which is 30% more performant than its predecessor. It is configured according to the SOC (system on a chip) architecture, which means that the image displayed on the monitor is entirely managed by the processor. Unlike an assembly comprised of various chips where each chip is responsible for a different part of the image, such as contrast or lighting, there is no noise reduction or upscaling providing for a pure image. Indeed, according to independent German firm VDE, the Q9F is the only television capable of reproducing the entire colorimetric range regardless of the number of nits. This is particularly important as the Q9F is certified 2000 nits. This means that the television will be able to reproduce all the nuances in the colours of a bright sky and those of a dark cave... all at the same time.

The Q9F is currently available in our new exhibition salon along with the entire Q line of televisions. I would therefore like to invite you to visit our shop to see the impressive result of these new televisions for yourself.

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[1]Nits are units of measurement used to measure light intensity.

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