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Audioquest Red River Analog audio with XLR plugs- 2m

North America has two Red Rivers, North and South. Red River South has been home to many peoples; it once was the border between the US and colonial Spain, and today forms part of the border between the rival states of Texas and Oklahoma.
Red River North forms in a confluence of rivers in North Dakota and Minnesota, but its history is Canada’s. The Red River North’s early settlers were the Métis, whose ancestry was French and aboriginal Canadian. The Métis in 1869 began an uprising known as the Red River Rebellion, which challenged the Canadian government, eventually leading to the formation of the province of Manitoba.
Reg.: CA$179.00

Perfect-surface cooper (PSC): Fewer impurities and less grain boundaries preserve clarity and naturalness.

Solid conductors eliminate strand interaction, which due to electrical and magnetic interaction between strands is the single biggest source of harshness and confusion in cables.

Triple-Balanced Geometry: Proper ground reference conductor prevents using the shield as an inferior ground reference conductor.

Ground conductor is larger than positive conductors in order to optimize relationship between signal and crucial chassis-to-chassis ground connection.

Nitrogen-injected hard-cell foam insulation reduces smearing and preserve dynamics.

Metal-layer Noise-dissipation System (NDS) reduces noise contamination of equipment's ground plane.

Conductor metal is controlled for directionality. Performance of all audio cables, analog or digital, is sensitive to drawn metal's non-symmetrical grain structure.


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