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AudioQuest NightHawk Headphones

Taking Flight 2015

NightHawk is an around-the-ear, semi-open headphone—AudioQuest’s full-bore assault on both the state of the headphone art and on the limits to which quality, innovation, and sustainability can be achieved at an affordable cost.

A loudspeaker-inspired headphone experience.

Special: CA$649.00

Reg.: CA$749.00


Patent-pending ergonomic elements, including self-adjusting headband and protein-leather earpads, for light, confortable fit.

Patent-pending suspension system, with freely articulating earcups, counteracts intrusive resonances.

Pistonic driver with biocellulose diaphragm and compliant rubber surround.

3D printed biomimetic sound-diffusing grille

Patented split-gap motor dramatically reduces intermodulation distortion.

NightHawk cable based on AudioQuest's high-performance loudspeaker cables


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