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Audio Physic:
Made in Germany

Anything but mainstream

The reknown German brand Audio Physic lives with the goal to increasingly push the boundaries in the construction of loudspeakers and to break new technological ground. For them, this is no empty promise, but has instead been focus of work for over 25 years. This approach has helped the brand to achieve an impeccable reputation on an international scale and to earn numerous awards. However, as they like to point it out, there is one thing that their products never were, never are and will never be: mainstream.

Unprecedented fidelity at affordable price

Loudspeakers of the CLASSIC series by Audio Physic are a fundamentally new development and one of a kind. The secret is in innovative cabinet designs which achieve a minimum of resonance and thus a minimum of intrinsic sound previously considered unattainable in this price range.

Unique Cabinet Design

The cabinet design is one of the main reasons for success of this series by Audio Physic. Despite compact size, the sound reproduction is among the best in this category. With an embodied woofer and virtually no vibration cabinet, Audio Physic has once again demonstrated their superior engineering and execution capabilities.

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Audio Physic Classic 30

Audio Physic Classic Compact

Classic Compact

These new loudspeakers are not just the little siblings of the CLASSIC 10 and 20, but actually contain a combination of technologies from both of these larger models and therefore produce sound with a quality that was previously unheard of in this class.

Audio Physic Classic 10

Classic 10

The CLASSIC 10 boast an array of new design characteristics that for the first time have been consistently featured in an AUDIO PHYSIC series with such attractive price points. The professed aim was to exclude any influence of the cabinet on signal reproduction to the greatest extent possible.

Audio Physic Classic 20

Classic 20

The Classic 20 loudspeakers reproduce the signals provided by the electronics and software – in this, they are closer to models in the HIGH-END line than ever before.

Audio Physic Classic 30

Classic 30

The Classic 30 is the flagship model in the newest Classic loudspeaker line and is not only the largest, but also the most innovative model in this family.

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