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Audioquest Cinnamon Optilink 0.75M

Cinnamon serie benefits

  • Lower-Dispersion Higher-Purity Fiber

  • Low-Jitter (Digital Timing Errors)

  • Precision Polished Fiber Ends

Reg.: CA$79.00

Enjoy an Upgrade to Cinnamon

Enjoy a performance upgrade over lesser optical digital cables with AudioQuest Cinnamon OptiLink. Despite its low price tag, Cinnamon uses advanced features and technology. It's priced so low, you just can't afford not to use it.

Cinnamon OptiLink uses a low-loss high-purity polymer fiber that reduces distortion for superior clarity in your hi-fi and home theater applications.

The Next Evolution of Optical Cable Performance

With the Indulgence Series, AudioQuest is proud to introduce the next evolution of cable performance. Why the word 'indulgence'? When we set aside the time for audio/video entertainment in the home we are, after all, allowing ourselves a bit of well-earned personal indulgence. We allow ourselves time for emotional transportation via video and sound.

There are huge differences in the sound of optical cables. As part of AudioQuest's re-examination of optical cable design, specific attention was paid to maximizing the sonic performance of digital optical cables. AudioQuest's Indulgence OptiLink series pushes optical sonic performance to new levels. While test equipment is excellent at tracking control errors or ensuring data pass through, no computer can compete with the human ear when it comes to perceiving the subtle but crucial audio errors and distortion that can reduce the enjoyment of your music and video files via optical digital interconnects.


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